John Fetterman Has A Long History Of Being A Terrible Driver

Screenshot: WPXI 11 News
Screenshot: WPXI 11 News

John Fetterman’s recent car crash has brought to light a dogshit record of distracted driving and other infractions for the Democratic senator from Pennsylvania, according to former aides and police records.

Former staffers for Fetterman said his latest crash was not a surprise. They told the New York Times he was a “notoriously” distracted driver who would often make video calls and read news articles on his phone while driving. Apparently, it would cause them “major anxiety” every time he got behind the wheel, and I can totally understand why. The guy is a bozo.

He would also use voice-to-text tools when driving, which was so unpleasant to his staffers that many of them eventually refused to be driven in the car by the freshman senator. Folks on the other end of the phone would share in their concerns, according to theTimes. They would reportedly tell him that whatever they were speaking about was not so important that it couldn’t wait and he should call them back when he wasn’t driving. In fact, they all made an effort to not text him while he was driving, because they knew he couldn’t help it.


This latest crash involved Fetterman in his Chevy Traverse rear-ending another vehicle after traveling well over the posted 70 mph speed limit in Maryland. It landed him, his wife and the 62-year-old woman driving the Chevy Impala he hit in the hospital. Both cars had to be towed from the scene. It’s just the latest in a long line of car crashes and driving infractions. Here’s more on his driving history, from the Washington Post:

He has received two speeding tickets for violations of at least 24 miles per hour above the speed limit, one in 2016 and one in March, according to Pennsylvania state records. After the ticket this year, when he was driving 34 miles per hour over the limit, he was required by the state to complete a driver’s improvement course, according to a person familiar with the outcome who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the episode. Neither record said exactly where he was driving or how fast he was going.


A speeding violation of over 31 mph automatically triggers the driver to attend Driver Improvement School, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

A speeding violation that severe also requires the violator to either take a special driver’s examination or have their driving privileges suspended for 15 days. The driver’s school and exam tests for knowledge of “safe driving practices” and safety issues.

Following this latest crash and release from the hospital, Fetterman posted a video on social media where he held up a bottle of Tylenol and a bag of peas and said the crash was, “Not great for your wedding anniversary, but we’re both great,” He never mentioned the other driver in the crash who he sent to the hospital.

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