Jeep Revives Its Renegade as a Budget Electric Vehicle

2023 jeep renegade
Jeep Revives Renegade as a Budget EVStellantis
  • Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa shined a light on the near future of Jeep’s portfolio and outlined the path for a budget EV.

  • Jeep’s Renegade has been out of the company’s portfolio since the 2023 model ceased production.

  • The Renegade all-electric SUV is expected to join the Jeep lineup by 2027.

The Jeep Renegade is apparently making a comeback. During the Stellantis Investor Day presentation, Jeep made it clear the Renegade will be reborn as an affordable battery-electric vehicle. The compact SUV is expected to carry a $25,000 price tag.

For those out of the loop, the Jeep Renegade went out of production after the 2023 model year. Since its demise, Jeep has leaned on its new Stellantis battery-electric platforms and is bringing the Wagoneer S and Jeep Recon to market. While both of these EVs are important for the brand, the price might be out of reach for many.


If you want a Jeep Renegade EV, you’ll have to wait a little. In Jeep’s outline, the Renegade EV is scheduled to join the lineup by 2027. However, by then, Jeep should have an even more packed portfolio. Also expected to join the roster by then is a revived Jeep Compass and a so-called "Mainstream UV."

Details are still to come for all three of these new models, but a budget-friendly Jeep EV could help the brand better establish itself in the BEV world. Considering Jeep has the scalable Stellantis platforms, it should be possible for the upcoming Renegade to ride on the STLA small or medium platform.

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